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Top Home Renovation Questions Answered

I get a lot of the same questions about our home renovation so I thought I would answer them in one spot so it's easily accessible for you now and in the future!

1. Flooring - Up until now I have not known what our flooring was at all. We picked it out at the store with our contractor and he ordered it. I got the idea to go to that stores website and I found it!

2. Cabinets - We ordered these through our contractor, however they are from Yorktown Cabinetry.

Cabinets - Yorktowne Iconic Shaw (flat panel) Cherry Cappuccino -

3. Shower Curtain - random I KNOW, haha, but this is the top question I get! The shower curtain I have was a clearance find at Jo Ann Fabric over a year ago. HOWEVER, Target has an identical option.

4. Countertops - I don't have an exact version of what we went with. They are quartz countertops with a light marble.

5. Backsplash - funny enough I kind of built the kitchen around this backsplash! I saw it on Home Depot's website and fell in love.

6. Rugs - I have the same in the bathroom and kitchen because I haven't found anything I like better yet to change it up, haha! I love these rugs!

These are the top questions I get!



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Kristina Marin-Baker
Kristina Marin-Baker
13 dic 2021

What is the paint color on your walls?

Me gusta
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