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Tips for lasting pumpkins

My aunt gave me this advice YEARS ago! When you get your pumpkins home give them 1 part water 1 part bleach bath and they will last for so long! You won’t have to worry about them rotting early. You can do this in your sink, tub, or a bin.. really whatever is easier! I find it easier to do it outside in a bin, but I wanted to get a cute pic ;)

This is a great way to keep them thriving if you like to get your pumpkins early like me!

I’ve also read you can coat them in a matte polyurethane and it helps them too! I haven’t tried that method.

The longer you soak the pumpkins the better! I usually do mine for a few hours at least. If you notice your pumpkins rotting in any spots and can catch it early on take a spray bottle of water and bleach and it should stop it!

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