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Postpartum Hair Loss

Within days of stopping breastfeeding I started experiencing extensive postpartum hair loss. I did a lot of research, I did a question box on my IG, and asked friends. Everyone is different but this is what worked for me. I did this regimen consistently from February-November. I now do something a little different and will explain that at the end!

Here is my before:

I wash my hair every 4-5 days.

1. I started using the HERS system. Using the solution and gummies daily and the shampoo/conditioner when I washed my hair.

2. When I would wash my hair I would use a scalp scrubber with my shampoo

3. I would use castor oil throughout my entire scalp the night before wash day.

4. Finally I would use collagen in my coffee once a day.

I did that religiously until November. Since then this is what I’ve been doing:

1. I still do the castor oil on my scalp the night before wash day

2. I still use the scalp massager when I shampoo/condition

3. Here are the shampoo/conditioners I switch between:

4. Lastly - DIVI! I absolutely love this stuff and think it’s definitely helped.

Here are all the products as well as some everyday maintenance products I use.

I hope it helps!



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