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Drew Barrymore Appliance Review

I get asked frequently how I like the trendy white appliances I have. So let's chat...

I've had the toaster the longest. I love it (now!) It's super pretty, but it took me a bit to figure out what setting was best for what. Other than that it's cute and works great now.

The air fryer, in my opinion, is the star of the show. It gets things perfectly crispy - seriously "fried" food has never tasted so good. This is my 3rd brand of air fryer. My sister in law got me one when they first came out and it just broke. I've probably had it 3-4 years. We also had a ninja one, which is great, but its in the kitchen in our shop. However, this one... this one is good. I love the reheat option so much. I love that I barely use the microwave now. You can warm up pizza and it doesn't get too crispy and its not mushy like the microwave. It literally tastes like you just got it out of the delivery box. I'm a huge fan of this. 10/10 recommend the air fryer.

The tea kettle - again super pretty and its functional. I will say the disadvantage is you can't use it under your cabinets (duhhh) there is wayyyyyy too much steam that comes out. So anytime we want to use it we put it under our oven range. Which is totally fine, just an extra step.

The knife set - I just got this for Christmas so... so far so good. It's not anything that I'm like YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS like I am the air fryer!

Oh and I can’t forget the crockpot. It works! I don’t like that it’s not programmable, so it’s definitely one more for hosting when you are at home versus throwing stuff in and going to work. it’s not my favorite but again she cute.

Short, sweet, and to the point! I hope that helped!



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