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How to decorate around your TV

Decorating around your TV can be challenging. Am I right!? TVs can be such an eye sore, but I'm here to show you how you can turn drab to fab in under $100!

What you need:

  1. Picture Frames - I found these frames on Amazon. They were the most inexpensive/quality frames I could find. I chose to do black/white to help tie in the black accents in our home!

  2. Command Strips - of course you could use nails, but I'm a huge fan of command strips! I hate putting holes in the wall.

  3. Your photos! I decided I wanted black and white so I changed the color of the phones on my phone, uploaded them to CVS photo, and picked them up at my nearest CVS

  4. Level - we used 2 levels to make sure each frame was spaced and leveled perfectly.

Turn a boring wall into.......


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